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We Are Powerful Beyond Measure
Cotton, Swarovski crystal rhinestones, purple lame, embroidery floss
30" x 36"
Stay Woke
Cotton, Swarovski crystal rhinestones, eyelash fringe, polyester, sequins
36" x 30"
Never Again is NOW
Cotton, sequins, pom pom fringe
40" x 33"
Resistance is Love in Action
Silk, Cotton, Polyester, Felt
36" x 43"
Ink on fabric
22" x 30"

Protest Curtains is a participatory project to make reusable fabric protest banners that double as window curtains for homes and businesses to face out onto our streets between actions, communicating empowering messages of love and resistance. Protest Curtains workshops to give participants the opportunity to make inspired, functional art responding to the current political crisis undermining our humanity and to articulate how we are feeling impacted personally. Many of our communities feel intense threats to our safety and well-being: the disparagement of immigrants, proliferation of anti-Black, anti-Latino, and anti-Muslim rhetoric and policies, attacks on the LGBTQQI community, on education, healthcare, housing, et al. Participants give form to their desires for resistance and make empowering artworks while building community, creating solidarity and support in our neighborhoods, bolstering our spirits and knowing that we are not alone; we build bridges and come together with love as a unifying force. By placing Protest Curtains in our homes and businesses we can use our windows as exhibition spaces, creating mobile murals that can be reconfigured again and again.